Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Art Room

I recently discovered jewelry. Making jewelry, string beads, forging, fusing, hammering, torching. Such forceful words that create such beauty. This is a bracelet I made from sterling silver wire, heavy links, with double jump rings to hold it together.
I love being in my art room. My terrific husband and I decided a year or so ago to turn the 'guest bedroom' into something that would actually get used. We dubbed it "The Art Room". I have a work bench, my (almost) six year old has his table, we both have our stashes of supplies, the only rule in the room is "dont give up". Pretty good rule.
My son has been the fuel for my creative fire. I had made a bunch of pieces, and was wearing them, getting compliments, always saying "thank you" never telling that I made the work. One day Ev decided to toot my horn for me, and when a woman in the grocery store asked about something I was wearing, he piped up "My mommy is a jewelry maker, you should get her to make you something" and he became my defacto marketing department.
What a great kid. I am so blessed

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