Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Places

This is my son, practicing to fulfill his dream of saving the world. The picture was taken at Truro Cape Cod, a year or so ago, I just came across it looking for something else (sound like anyone else you know?) It's such a happy picture, and Truro is such a happy place for us.
I came upon the happiest web-place today. Allison Strines etsy shop. Yes I bought something. Yes it made me very happy. (Todays blog title links to her site.)

She does the most cheerful heartfilling uplifting work. I bought "She's cleverly disguised as a responsible adult" and "She is good enough right now" Even just the titles are enough to make your day. I hope she realizes how much she gives when people buy her work.

I think it's incredible that in these hard and sometimes scary times, there are people out there, whose paths we cross (fate, karma, kismet, destiny?) who are there at just the right time with just the right message for us. If only we listen, I try to, whenever I am fortunate enough to cross paths with someone like Allison.

My gratitude for today: my son kissed me good morning (like everyday), gave me a huge hug and smile when I left him at his school (like every day), I am at a job I like- working with good people, will have dinner with Mom, and repaint the face on one of her mermaids tonight, and go home to my warm inviting comfortable home to put my sweetheart to sleep with his lovies, then go to my Art Room and work on a bracelet I started over the weekend.
Ain't it great to be blessed? or as Evan says "boom boom, aint it great to be crazy?"


  1. Great post - I hadn't seen Allison Strines work before (it's wonderful). I'm off to convo her now as I'd like to buy one of her pictures to use with resin & Silver Clay....
    Nic xx

  2. Yay Nicola- you made my day- between the dentist you had to suffer(!) your comments and linking to Allison, thank you.


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