Thursday, February 26, 2009


As defined by words that conflict with each other. Examples of an oxymoron:

Microsoft Works
United Nations
Political Correctness
Linux Complete
Artificial Reality
Rap Music

While striving to be the perfect Mom, wife, artist (Hey I can dream!) I discover that its the imperfections that make things perfect. For instance if I dont make mistakes in being a Mom, then how will my son ever know how to stop, breathe, assess necessary amends, forgive himself if necessary, grow stronger-smarter-etc, and move on? If I am perfect, then when he makes a mistake, having no model for recourse-he is going to see himself as failure. Not OK.

As far as a perfect artist (thats it's own oxymoron, isnt it?) If I dont make mistakes, then all the work will have a repetitive theme, with out trying something new, my muse gets bored (I picture a tinkerbell-ish creature sitting in a fern, yawning at me LOL) I get bored, and everyone else gets bored. And I get nowhere in my journey. I read somewhere that in Great Japanese art, it's the imperfections that make it beautiful. I think it makes it human, as in hand made, with love and attention.

Perfect wife? FOTFLMAO-Oh Please! I just cant see Martha Stewart wearing Fredericks of Hollywood.........I'm too short anyway, seriously- all I can do there is love him, and try not to be a bitch.

So I have decided to continue on my imperfect path. Perfect isnt it?


  1. Yes Absolutely perfect :)
    (Ok I got the LMAO - as laugh my ass off but what about the FOTF bit?)

    Nic xx

  2. FOTFLMAO= falling on the floor laughing my ass off

    xo- DeAnne (the living Oxymoron)


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