Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Note in Regard to the Presidents Speech to our Kids

The title to this entry is a link to the transcript of the prepared speech.

There is an amazing amount of rhetoric and vitriol being spewed by an awful lot of folks with some other agenda-in regard to the scheduled speech.

I am truly ashamed to live in an era where a president who takes the time to give a "pat on the back, you can do it" speech to our children is villified rather than celebrated. Considering all he has on his plate, I am amazed and gratified that he finds it of such grave importance and understands the weight the office will carry in speaking to our kids. I applaud his courage and conviction. I read the speech, I see nothing partisan, marxist, communist, racist or any other objectionable overtone in it. I see hope. I see pride. Thats what I want for my son.

Its been said that the speech was rewritten, so what if it was re-written? What speech isnt? So what that he says 'I' a lot-he's the president - if he isnt trying, who the heck is? If you did read it, you will have noticed he also cites parents, teachers, etc as trying to find resources, and gives credit for his success where it is due.

If my son watches this, and he will, he's going to come away more empowered knowing that the man in the white house actually gives some thought to what school children are facing. You people crying 'foul' need to get a grip. As parents, facing an increasingly lazy and self centered society full of 'gimmes', we need all the help we can get, all the reinforcement of a work ethic we can find. Who cares if the message comes from a democrat, a republican, or the Easter Bunny? Who cares if he's black, white, mocha or polka dotted? the point is not the messenger, it's the message. And it's a good one.

This man, our President, is telling our children that it means something to work hard, to believe, to try, even when it means failing, to keep trying, that if you want it enough and believe enough, you can make it happen.

What on earth is wrong with that? not a damn thing in my book.

Today I am grateful that a man like that takes the time to send such a positive message to my son.