Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hippety Hoppety Easta Gansta

Is it even possible that the 'easta gansta' is the same excited child on the bunnys lap? or the one looking at his Uncle Dave with those huge I love you eyes? or tearing into the ice cream at the zoo? or showing his first lost tooth gap?
Ain't life wonderful?

Zen and the art of vacationing

This is Evan meditating on the steps outside the American Indian Musuem. Zen isnt it? ;-)

I took Evan to see my brother (aka Ultra cool Uncle David) in Virginia for a week. Brother took us into DC just about everyday, even going so far as to get up at 5Am one windy rainy cold morning, drive into DC, stand in a windy rainy cold line for 2 hrs to get tickets to take Evan (and me) to the top of the Washington monument, then he drives all the way back to Virginia to get us, and trains it all the way back with us to go to the top. It was amazing, unbelievable view, even through the rain.
We did the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the American Indian Museum, the American History Museum, The National Zoo, and Dave took Evan to the Spy museum, one day so that I could go to the National Gallery of Art. I cried standing in front of the Rodin, Rembrandt's and Degas. Absolutely speechless.
I brought supplies with me to get busy work done, wire, stones, etc....never even opened the case. I had grand ideas of making fabulous bracelets, earrings etc, while drinking tea late at night with Dave....ahh the best laid plans.......but the wine was great :-)

I did get back to work the last few days and am very happy with the outcome, will post pics of that in a few days.
I am so blessed, and grateful for my son, my mother, my brother, and of course, my husband. what a fortunate soul am I.