Monday, February 25, 2013

Stepping into Greatness

I spent the weekend at a pretty intense seminar revolving around the premise of  'Stepping Into Your Greatness'  It was a lot of hard work, letting go of past resentments, deep dark ugly hurts, and turning those things into positives.  All in all pretty freaking awesome weekend.  E and husband stayed home, hubby rose to the occasion mightily, really and truly.  E had a birthday party to go to, and hubby took him.  It was a laser tag party, and E was sooooo excited to be there with his friends.  I came home last night E was fast asleep (GO HUBBY!!!) and hubby tells me that E was bullied in the laser tag arena, ended up sitting at the cake table with tears in his eyes struggling not to cry.  I went and laid down with him a bit, just being with him, letting him sleep and covering him with love from my heart.

When we woke this moring, he showed me the cool house he had built out of the cardboard from the new bathroom cabinet (it was AWESOME), and after a while I asked....

Me- I hear you had a rough time at the party....
E- yeah
Me- wanna talk about it?
E- I was on a team with... & ... & ....  and we went in we were having so much fun and this big mean kid from the other team grabbed my face and pushed me up against the wall and starting shooting my target to get a bunch of points, and then my team abandoned me.
Me- Did he hurt you?
E- not really
Me- So what did you do?
E- I told him he wasnt supposed to do that, and he said something mean
Me- so what were you thinking?
E- that I should do the same thing, since nobody was playing teams anymore
Me- Did you?
E- NO, I really wanted to, but I didn't because it would have been cheating.
Me- yeah that revenge stuff feels good for about how long?
E- only a minute, then you feel pretty bad
Me- are you and your friends from the team OK or are you angry with them?
E- We're OK, they just got excited about points and forgot to be a team, but when they gave the big mean kid his prize for the most points, I stood up and told him he didnt win, that he cheated.
Me- so how do you feel about how you played?
E- Good, really good
Me- Because you kept your integrity?
E- Yeah, pretty cool
Me- yes you are

I spent the entire weekend learning to 'Step into Greatness' and the reward was waiting for me at home, he already knew how.

And I am so grateful for that