Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving (yes I know it is way over)

Our Thanksgiving was terrific. I planned ahead, whittled the menu down to reasonable, prepped the night before, was calm and had a generally great meal. I figure if I keep doing this I may get it to perfection in about 50 more years ……..
Mom left immediately after the meal, I knew she wasn’t feeling great. I didn’t like the way Arthur our Siamese kitty was looking either. We cleaned up, had a great family night, watched some Christmas movie or other and turned in.

Next morning, Friday, Arthur was worse, I bundled him in the car, and took him to the vet, many IV fluids, meds, and tears later, we were on our way home. I knew it wasn’t right. I took him back that evening, same drill. Spent a portion of that night sleeping on the bathroom floor, Arthur in his crate, with the nebulizer running saline fog…….

Saturday morning, back again, this time, added X-rays to the list, after reviewing those, we knew there nothing further we could do. He was suffering terribly. He died in my arms. He was only 8. Arthur kitty was my 6 year old son Evans best-est buddy. When you asked Evan who he loves most in the world, the answer was always, in this order “Arthur, Mommy, Daddy, Nee Nee, Ria….”

I went home without Arthur and Evan ran to meet me at the car- “Where’s Arthur mommy? Why are you crying? Where is he? Is he OK? Where is my best-est buddy in the world?”

Me- He’s in heaven baby.

Evan- Dissolving in wide wracking sobs “what happened mama, what happened to my buddy, why did he have to die?”

I told him that the doctor has done everything he could do and that while he was trying to help him, Arthurs heart gave out, which isn’t that big of a fib. He raged at the doctor for not calling a specialist, he raged at himself for not being smart enough to know what to do to help Arthur, and he just raged, and gave vent to his pain & sorrow while I held him.

By evening, Evan was praying for Arthur and wishing to Santa for another kitty, not to help him forget Arthur, but to help him remember his buddy.

Sunday- out doing errands, husband calls, he’s found a breeder not too far. I went over to check them out. The woman was amazing. The cats were immaculate, just immaculate.

When I got home, I called Evan over, and said “you must have been wishing very very hard for Santa to bring you a new kitty”

Him- yes mommy, I have been

Me- Well Santa heard you, and he called me. He said he knows your heart is broken, and wants to help. He said he doesn’t like to bring kitties or puppies on Christmas because they don’t like being in the sack. He has a friend not too far from here who helps him when children wish for a new kitty, and he told me it would be fine to go over and meet her, and get an early Christmas gift, want to go?

He was in the car like a shot.

He busted me writing a check to the woman. I explained I was reimbursing her for the money she had spent on food, doctor bills etc. He thought that was a great idea.

We have two new Siamese kitties who have taken over the crate that Ria, our yellow lab, thought was hers ;-).

This is Ria dog, looking forlornly at her use to be crate. and Kitties, Millie and Silver....in the comfy crate formerly known as Ria's

And I survived my awful cold over the same weekend. And my Mom is doing fine, for that I am so very grateful.

And I am eternally grateful my son has such a wonderful innocence still that allows him to believe in wishes, and that his first great heartache has passed without damage to that amazing innocence, or to his capacity for love.

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