Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best laid plans.........FaLaLa

It’s almost Christmas, and unbelievably totally unlike me- I am soooo not ready. I usually have everything wrapped and ready by the first week of December…. So much for smugness

I have wrapped exactly 8 gifts…the ones that needed to be shipped, and I barely managed to sort out the stocking stuffers last night. I have not shopped for Christmas dinner. I did manage to make some cookies with Evan last night, only because mom had made the dough for us.  Although I think (hope) I have managed to purchase everything for everyone, So lucky me…I get to do a marathon wrapping tonight…I intend to shut myself in the art room early tonight with a glass of wine and get creative-hopefully I will neither spill the wine nor discover anything has been overlooked…that would really blow.. Although rumor has it that Macys is open 24/7 until Christmas. Yeah, I want to go there at 3AM, can’t imagine how happy the associates will be to see me!

I am hoping none of you are riding with me in my little procrastinator canoe made of window screen…….

Merry Christmas! and yes I am grateful, for my family, my friends, that I actually dont mind wrapping, once I get started, and the bottle of wine given to me yesterday by a co-worker, it will be put to good use this evening  ;-)

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