Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I’m back. (no not like Jack Nicholson LOL)

 Sorry to be so long away. Had lots going on, but now I have a break ;-)

Braces are OFF! I am smiling like a fool, looking for reasons to blind folks with my gorgeous smile! Its really pretty funny….

By this weekend I should have posts of new work going up in the (sadly neglected) Etsy shop. I have had so many commissions the last month or so, haven’t been able to take care of Etsy like I should. And NO I am not complaining, I am continually grateful that so many like my work enough to ask for special pieces. I especially like that they frequently push the boundaries of what I have done before.

It’s amazing how many friends I have made and how many doors have opened to me in the last several months. And all, mostly all- are from the jewelry work. Karma…. I suppose, I put enough love and care into the work, it’s coming back to me in spades.

Evan has been busy too! The picture of him here is when he got his first set of belt loops from cub scouts. We started Tiger scouts later in the year than the other kids, but Evan worked really hard, earned his Bobcat badge, 8 belt loops, 16 or so beads for his badge by the second scout meeting. He also got his Tiger badge a few days ago at the Blue and Gold Dinner. He’s so amazing, I am so very proud to be his mama. ;-)

OH- I am on the Craft Map now!! The link is on the top left of this page, check it out, has all kinds of lovelies to peruse…….(shopaholics beware!)

I am so very grateful for my very special life, and for my sons beautiful smile (and MINE TOO!!)

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