Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will's New Car

Been away a few days from posting, had other stuff to catch up on, yucky stuff like taxes, shredding old documents, grocery shopping- dont worry, it's not like I actually caught up on my laundry or finished that sterling bracelet (it's looking good though) or anything.

My husband is a 'road warrior' for a high end cutting edge technology company, and goes through cars like Evan goes through shoes-well, maybe I am exaggerating a little- anyway we had to go and do one of the things I like the absolute least in this a car. Dont you just cringe thinking about it?

I dont know why I dislike it so much, I seem to have gotten quite good at it. The secret is I really dont care if we buy the car or not, we do our homework, get financing dealt with ahead of time, go in with every possible question already answered, and are willing to walk away if it's not what we want, there are lots of cars out there after all. We're not looking to screw anyone, just dont want to get screwed ourselves.

When we were taking Evan to Nee Nee's for the day (absolutely no point in torturing him with a day at the car dealer), he asked daddy "why does Mommy have to go with you, why can't she stay with me?" Daddy told him it was because he didnt like to negotiate for cars, and that I was going to help him, besides he needed me to make the car salesman cry. Evan thought that was hilarious. So we're at the dealer, made a killer deal, we're happy, the salesman is upset, his manager is really pissed, and the finance girl is a twinkie, and my phone rings, it's Evan wanting to know if I made the salesman cry. "Did you make him go WAH WAH WAH mommy?" Yes I said and his boss too. "You're the best Mommy, Good Job!"

When we got back to my mom's (Nee Nee) Evan runs out to see the new car "WOW WOW WOW, this is the coolest car ever ever!!! You guys did great! Awesome!" Now with praise like that from him, maybe car shopping isnt so bad after all....

Today I am grateful for the wonderful Dremel set my mom bought me for Christmas with the drill press and the flex-shaft attachments I am having SOOOOO much fun with that. For Evans warm sleepy smile this morning, and for cantaloupe, with or without proscuitto & lime


  1. I used to sell little smart cars as one of my many, many jobs (Thankfully I din't get any tears but I did great deals, lol)
    Glad you're enjoying your dremel!
    Nic xx

  2. Well, if you were selling the cars, I wouldnt need to be a pain in the ass shark woman, we could have come to a reasonable agreement, like any 2 real women who are disguised as responsible adults.

    and yes my Dremel and all the thing-ama-bits that go with are fun! Nic- btw- I really like your folksy shop


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