Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost the weekend

This is my sweetie. He has grown 2 inches in the last four or five weeks, he has not stopped eating in the same amount of time. And-most exciting of all (drum roll-please) he has his first loose tooth, which has been hanging on for 5 weeks, the other one is already coming in behind the loose one, Dentist says he will probably have a shark tooth for awhile.

His smile just lights up everything around him.

I'm jealous today (not really, just a teensy bit), he had no school, so he was with Nee Nee this morning and with Daddy this afternoon, and I'm here blogging about it, isnt that productive? Actually, he & daddy are at the pet store, they just called wanting to know what brand of dog food to get for Ria the moose-dog.

The pet store is dangerous.........Please please dont let them bring home another creature....... we have Ria-a 75lb Yellow lab (moose dog) Arthur-a 7lb siamese cat and 4 turtles all named 'Tabby the Hamster'. Evan named them after a hamster he had in a toddler class at Montessori about 3 years ago.

Evan is dying to get another dog, a smaller one, and another cat, so that Arthur wont be lonely in the daytime. Do I need a livestock license to have any more critters?

Have a wonderful weekend, I know I will.

Today, I am grateful that Nic reads my blog and for her funny and wise comments. Also for my terrific mom and tangerines


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the "I know what God looks like" story. Your son looks an absolute darling & he's striking the country farmer pose too. Living in a little village in the middle of the Fens we get a lot of country farmers in....
    Seriously, imagine that picture with a flat cap and a piece of straw, yes your son IS that wholesome looking, definately keep an eye on those livestock tendancies or soon he'll own his own ranch! Mind you (as we say round these parts) you don't often see a farmer on a bike!
    Nic xx

  2. LOL Nic- i gotta get him one of those caps, he does the straw in the mouth thing often enough LOL


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