Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Fib

This is Evan with my brothers dog, MTWD (Myer the Wonder Dog) a few months ago.
My son told his first real fib. He & I were in Toys R Us (arrrgh!) and his eyes fell upon a Sigma Six Delta Force Duke with all the accompanying flamethrower, saw, and laser attachements for the gun (which was as big as the action figure) I mean this thing is the Mac Daddy of GI Joe guys. Evan is COMPLETELY into GI Joe, Completely. We discussed it and decided it was not appropriate for him at this point, and that we would revisit it later.

Well, he went shopping with Nee Nee, and she bought it for his birthday (April). I find out later that She had asked him if he & I had discussed it, he had told her "I dont remember".
Well..........I know he remembers, this child remembers everything.

So Nee Nee returned it, and when I went to get him at school yesterday, he comes flying out the door, chattering up and down about this GI Joe. Sigh. I let him finish, then we sat down on a bench, and
I said- softly and with my arm around him "Did you tell Nee Nee you didnt remember if you & I had talked about it?"

He said- softly "Yes"

Me "Do you remember talking to me about it?"

Him - lip quivering "Yes"

Me- heart breaking "So did you fib to Nee Nee?"

Him- tears falling "Yes"

Me -trying not to cry "I asked Nee Nee to take the GI Joe back to the store, you told a fib my love, and there is a consequence to that, I'm sorry baby"

Him- crying "I'm sorry Mama, but I really really really wanted it"

Me- crying too and hugging him " I know baby, but if you had come to me and we had talked about it again, it may have been different, we dont fib, But I am so very very proud of you for telling me the truth even though I think you knew what was going to happen- We will talk about it again after your birthday, OK?"

Him- still leaking-" OK Mama, thank you for still wanting to talk to me about it, you're a good Mama"

Me- also still leaking- " And you are the best-est boy"

So the damn thing is in my office (its being discontinued) waiting for a possibly appropriate time to give it to him AFTER his birthday. Sigh........

Today I am grateful that love can be so strong, for tears and lessons hard learned, and for my Mom who taught me how to be strong.


  1. I'm now leaking too...you are so blessed and he's GORGEOUS!! What a fabulous mum you are to take the time to teach lifes lessons to him. What a fabulous boy he is for learning them
    Thank you Lord for showing me this blog today, it reminded me that Love is on the Little things!
    Nic xx

  2. Good leaking tears I hope Nic! Isnt love wonderful? How's your Mum doing?

    DeAnne xo

  3. Mum's still off with stress, but feeling better day by day :) I sent her a Mothers day card using an online company (really cool with a picture of her as part of the card) but they delivered it early....Bless her she was waiting for a call all Sunday morning and eventually called in the afternoon to say "Why didn't you phone earlier today and wish me Happy Mothers day???" I explained that I was going to phone her that night (as usual) and it wasn't mothers day for weeks!
    So now, this week I've been phoning wishing her happy un-mothers day, lol
    Nic xx

  4. Nic-

    Un-Mothers Day? I love it! I think I'll send one to my mom, today. I'm glad she's feeling better, send her hugs from me



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