Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yes, he’s OK. Completely 100%

There was a Cub Scout camping trip in Sebring last weekend. A place I would have loved to go. Fossil & shark teeth hunting, old Florida environment, the works. I bowed out for a number of reasons, chief being to give Daddy & Evan a chance to be together, just the two of them. Friday afternoon I received an email from the pack leader, saying the River was high from the recent rain and fossil/shark teeth hunting might be impacted. OK. I forwarded the email to hubby. I asked Hubby to please keep a close eye on Evan, as he is one of the younger boys and likes to play with the bigger kids.

Saturday morning on the way to take the 2 cats to the vet, I get a phone call (this is paraphrased, could NOT tell you what the actual conversation was):

Me- Hello?

Hubby- “ he’s fine”

(first of all “he’s fine” is man-speak for-“CATASTROPHE averted, collateral damage report pending”)


Hubby- “he fell out of a tree and we are on the way to the hospital in an ambulance”

Me-WHAT!!!! AMBULANCE?!!! A TREE? What happened? (pulled over now, crying, and heart thumping, cats meowing)

Hubby- “Honey, I am trying to tell you, he fell out of a tree onto his head…”


Hubby- “Honey he’s fine, it was 8 or 9 feet, let me tell you…….”

Me- “8 or 9 feet???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do I need to come up there?” (looking aound to turn around on the highway and start driving north)

Hubby- “No Honey, he’s fine…here talk to him…”

Ambulance noises in the background, sans siren

Evan- “Mommy?”

Me- "yes my love it’s mommy, are you OK?”

Evan-“ I fell out of a tree Mommy, it hurt a lot, I am in the boo boo truck, and Mommy?”

Me- (choking back sobs) “yes baby?”

Evan- “It’s not as scary as you thought it would be…..
Oh my god, yes child of mine, it is, it is so much worse.

So I talked to him a few more minutes. They got him to the hospital, x-rays, CT scan, all was well. And thanks to the EMT’s who are scout dads, and mostly my hubby, my precious boy is safe.
And I am so very grateful for that.

He did manage to wheedle the Xray tech into giving him copies of the pictures of his ‘brain’. Which were pinned up on the window of his classroom all day Monday. Thanks Miss Susan ;-) And I didn't see this picture until they were home that afternoon, safe,in our kitchen- or I would have sprouted wings and flown to Sebring.


  1. oh goodness, how scary. isn't it funny how the dads always have vastly different reactions to things than the moms? glad you hear your little guy is all okay!

  2. OMG.... just reading that made my heart race... Glad all is OK! Isn't that the worst feeling when they are hurt? ... it's like someone is ripping your heart out

  3. Kelley- Thank you for your well wishes, and yes Dad reactions make me believe they are truly from another planet.

    Michelle- I still can't look at the picture without crying. My heart is still aching.

    love you both


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