Monday, July 25, 2011

Being the Change, Creatively

I am a member of an Etsy 'team' that features Palm Beach County artisans.  It never fails to amaze me when I peruse some of their work.  There is so much talent and generosity around us.  I was looking at Chantals etsy shop (click the blog post title to get there)  and came across these gems......
Blue Hibiscus Pillow Mola 14 " x 13" (36 x 33cm)

Jungle Turtle Pillow Mola 16.5" x 12" (42 x 30.5 cm)

The quilted fronts are called 'Molas'  Here is her sourcing story

"This pillow was made from a mola purchased in Panama. Kuna women of Panama hand sew their molas to used them as front and back panels for their blouses. Traditional molas depict geometrical patterns as well as realistic designs of flowers, birds and animals. Molas are hand sewn using a reverse appliqué technique and can take 2 weeks to 6 months to complete.

The Kuna people live in Panama, Central America and are a proud people. Making and selling their molas is an important source of revenue for them."

I am in awe of these, She is making things, exquisite things by hand, while helping to support an indigenous people.  Can you imagine if we all did that? sort of a Kiva/Etsy hybrid.  Damn, we could change the world.

Chantal already is, one Mola pillow at a time.

And I am so grateful to be part of a team that has such generous members.

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