Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dont may not get another chance

There’s a country song by Kenny Chesney called ‘Don’t Blink’.  It’s a reminder to pay attention to what’s important. 

You could miss something. Something important that you can’t get back.
Yesterday, I picked Evan up after camp at the ranch.  He had lost his shoes, among other things.  He was hungry and wanted to go to the market and get some of their yummy chicken.  No Shoes.  Hmmm.

I said yes.
I figured we could get away with it this once, but as we got out of the car into the almost 100 degree heat, I realized the asphalt would be torture on his feet.  It occurred to me to piggy back him, but I’m 5’2” on a good day, and barely over 120 lbs.  He’s up to my shoulder already and much too heavy these days. So we ran.
But it started that song in my head….

When was the last time he had asked for a piggy back ride?  Did I say yes? I don’t remember
When was the last time he wanted to hold my hand in public? Did I?  Yes

When was the last time he asked me to push him on the swings? Did I?  I hope so
When was the last time he asked me to go on a bike ride with him? Did I? No

When was the last time he asked me to read just one more story? Did I? Yes
When was the last time……

You never know which time will be the last. 
You don’t get these moments back.

Say yes. Say yes. Say YES.
I am grateful that I said yes to shoeless chicken, and for the possibility of going on that bike ride that I said ‘no’ to not so long ago.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. It is true that life is short and if you blink you might just miss something or some people's case everything. :)


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